The appendix to Regulations of granting of services to the clients of the Phoenix Musical Internet Shop


General provisions


Sign up/Sign in

Order accumulation

Order finalization/payment

Playing TV-channel's Video

Downloading of files

Personal cabinet





The Phoenix Musical Internet Shop Rules of Service


                                General provisions



Phoenix Musical  Internet Shop (herein referred to as The Shop) offers a wide choice of Works of classical, folk and popular music (herein after referred to as Works) performed by known and young talented musicians and  musical groups that have received wide recognition in Russia and abroad.

The Shop offers the following:

TV-channelInternet TV channel will play quality video programs in real time on Customer’s computer, DVD or Blue Ray. The smooth-streaming Microsoft SilverLight  technology, used in TV-channel allows attaching the video stream to the speed of the Client’s Internet channel to get the best possible video quality on the Client’s computer.  A visitor to the Shop can read a description of the video program and play a short sample free of charge. To play full programs, a subscription to the Internet TV channel is needed.

DVD disks are in the form of ISO DVD image files. A visitor to the Shop can read DVD descriptions and play a short DVD sample.  A subscription is required to download a DVD image file to his computer for further recording of the image file to the DVD disk to be played on DVD or Blue-Ray players. Nero or similar program for image file recording must be used to record DVD image files on DVD or Blue-Ray disks.

Videoclips are video recordings of musical works of up to 15 minutes duration. Each record is presented as a PAL, NTSC or HD video file in format Mpeg-4/H.264. A visitor of the Shop can play a short sample of any videoclip.  A subscription is required to download the Mpeg-4/H.264 video file to the customer’s computer, where can be played on his computer or to record downloaded files on DVD or Blue-Ray disks to play the disks on DVD or Blue-Ray players.

Audio CD disks are in the form of Audio CD NRG image files. A visitor to the Shop can read an Audio CD description and play a short Audio CD sample free of charge.  A subscription is required to download Audio CD image files to his computer for further recording of the image files on CD-R disk in Audio CD format and to play it on Audio CD, DVD or Blue-Ray player. Nero or similar program that can record Audio CD image files on CD-R disks can be used for image file recording.

Audioclips are audio records of musical works up to 15 minutes duration. Each record is in the form of .WAV sound file with Audio CD quality.  A visitor to the Shop can play short audioclip samples free of charge.  A subscription is required to download WAV files to his computer for the further usage at his own discretion:  to record several downloaded files on CD-R disk, generating Audio CD of his own choice or to convert downloaded WAV sound files into MP3 format  for further recording them to MP3 media.




To enter the Catalogue, the click the Internet-shop option on the Main menu of . First page of TV-channel Concerts catalogue section and Shop Main menu (green panel) and secondary menu (grey panel below) will appear on the screen by default. Visitors can look through the catalogue to read about the Works and to play the samples without registering with the Shop.

The Shop catalogue has a hierarchical structure and consists of five sections TV-channel, DVD, Videoclips, Audio CD, and Audioclips which you will find in the Shop’s Main menu’s green panel. Each section consists of subsections listed in the drop down submenu of each section.

Clicking on the subsection in the drop-down section menu makes appear on the screen the list of the Works’ titles (for audio/videoclips) or table of the icons with Works titles (for TV-channel, DVD and Audio CD). There are also small icons for free playing samples (note or videocamera) and downloading price for each item on the list or table and button Add to cart. For TV-channel option instead of Add to cart button there is Subscribe button with three options to select subscription period in the panel below Shop’s main menu.

Click on the Work title in the table (for TV-channel, DVD and Audio CD) causes the  Work’s description to appear in separate windows. Clicking note or videocamera icons plays the free sample.  Audio samples are played in a separate window of the default Internet Browser player. Video samples are played in separate window by the Microsoft SilverLight player. (Clicking play video for the first time initiates the downloading and installation on the Client’s PC of Microsoft SilverLight Player from Microsoft’s Web site. It’s done once and free of charge. To do it just click Install and OK buttons in Microsoft’s player Installation menus. In the video window there are SilverLight Player small buttons to enter full screen mode and back, to jump forward and back, to display bit rate and frame rate diagrams on the video screen.

To stop video or audio playing just close the Window clicking the Close icon on the top of the window.


                                Sign up/Sign in


Attention!  Before signing up with the Shop please read Regulations clicking Regulations option in the Shop menu. If you don’t accept its terms and provisions, please, do not sign up with the Shop.

To download audio, video files and images files of DVD and Audio CD disks as well as playing full video programs of the TV-channel you must sign up.  To sign up you need to fill in the registration form with your personal data and generate a personal login name/password for further entry in the Shop.

After signing up, your Cart will be opened to collect your order and a Personal cabinet with a history of your orders and your personal data will be available for you. Once you are registered in the shop you can enter the Shop under your Login name/password.


To Sign up or Sign in you must click Sign up/Sign in menu button. After clicking it in the right part of the screen registration form for the new Clients and in its left part Login Name/Password request for registered Clients appear.


New Clients should fill the registration form, confirm Regulations acceptance and click Finalize registration button. After clicking Finalize registration the Client is automatically signed in. Greeting Information appears on the screen with brief instructions


New Clients will receive a registration confirmation email and the personal Login Name/Password.

A Registered Client must enter his LoginName/Password to enter the Shop.


After signing in, Shop’s menu on the gray panel looks like this:

Catalogue – to return to the Catalogue default page (TV-channel Concerts)

Personal cabinet – for personal data and order history

My cart – to review the contents of the your cart and for order payment

Regulations - to print Regulations on the screen

Help – to print current text on the screen


The Client’s family and first name appear on the panel above this menu and Exit button. Clicking Exit button Signs Out and the user is now a visitor of the Shop who can look through the catalogue, play works free samples and read information about catalogue works. Personal Cabinet and My cart buttons are replaced for Sign up/Sign in button.


                                Order accumulation


To start or to continue an order Client should Sign in or to Click Catalogue after signing in. The first page of TV-channel (TV-channelConcerts) will appear on the screen.


To subscribe for TV-channel which gives access to play full video programs during the subscription period, click on Subscribe button. Subscription is automatically added to the Cart that he can see in his cart.

Selecting files for downloading is made by looking through Catalogue and clicking Add to cart button for the appropriate work. After clicking Add to cart button it is transformed into In the cart button and information about selected file is added to the Client’s order in his cart. Clicking In the cart button or My cart brings up the Client’s cart  You can delete any  item by clicking Delete icon or delete the whole order clicking Delete order button.

We recommend you write down and keep order’s number and its Data/Time information.



                                Order finalization/payment


After reviewing the order and editing, click Finalize order button.  Pay on Line payment processing system form appears on the screen. You should fill this form and select payment method: Visa, Master card, American Express or Diners Club.

Attention:  You will have 3 days to pay for the order starting from the date of the first selection. If you, within these 3 days, didn’t click Finalize order button or payment transaction was rejected by the Client’s bank for any reason, order will be cancelled and your cart will be empty.

After successful payment of your order, your order will be moved to the Orders history section of your personal cabinet and will be available for your records and files downloading. Your cart will be empty and you will have the following choices:

- to start creating a new order

- to start see full video programs or download files

- to exit from the shop.


                                Playing TV-channel's Video


If you subscribed for TV-channel you can watch any of the video programs as long as your subscription is valid. When entering TV-channel sections of the catalogue you’ll see Play button near any of the video programs. Clicking this button will play full video program. After subscription period expires Play buttons disappear and to continue playing programs you must make a new subscription.



                                Downloading of files


To download files you must enter Orders history section in your Personal cabinet and looking through the orders, then click on the Download button that is active. Download button is also duplicated in the catalogue, so downloading of the files is also possible by looking through the catalogue. Downloading procedure is standard for all Internet browsers that have downloading window on the screen. So, you can select any folder on your computer to download the files and any names for downloaded files as the replacement for our standard names.

Attention: Download buttons in the order and in the catalogue are active within 14 days starting from the date that you fully paid for your order and replace the In the cart button afterwards. If you were not able to download files for such order during this period you can send us a claim at our Email address: not later than by the end of the 14th day after fully paying for that order.

You should write in the claim Order number and date, your Login, Family and first name, phone number, names of the works you were not able to download and the reason why you were not able to download these files. We’ll contact you to find a solution to deliver to you all files that you paid for.

If within 14 from the date when you fully paid for your order we didn’t receive your claim, it means that you downloaded files successfully and no further claims will accepted.

Attention: Money paid by Client for subscription and for downloaded files are not refundable.


                                Personal cabinet 


Here you can edit your personal data, change password, receive information about status of your subscription and look through your paid orders. You can also ask for information mailings about new products.