Regulations of granting of services to the clients of the Phoenix Musical Internet Shop




Shop - the Internet Shop which is a part of a Web site alias

Site – alias 

Client - a person registered in the Shop for the purpose of reception of services, provided by the Shop.

Works  - text, graphic, sound and video files placed on the equipment of  the Shop, containing results of the intellectual activity protected by the legislation of the Russian Federation and are intended for personal use by the Client, via devices, belonging to the Client.

Catalog – the hierarchical indexed set of metadata intended for simplification of search and review of the Works of the Client’s interest.

Services – maintenance that provides the client with assistance in downloading of the Works and/or their reproductions to the equipment, belonging to a Client.

Downloading – transfer of Works from Shop Server to the Client’s computer by means of the Internet.

Order – inquiry of the Client about downloading to or the playing of Works on the Clients computer issued in accordance with the Rules, attached in the Appendix in accord with and being the integral part of the present Conditions.


1. Shop accepts Client’s Orders for the services rendered by the Shop and provides their performance, giving to Client possibility of downloading and playing of the Works on the Client’s equipment.

2. The present Conditions as well as the information about the Works, presented on the Site including the information on the prices for services, is an offer that is in full compliance  with the the Legislation of the Russian Federation.

3. Registration by the Client in the Shop, placing the Orders by the Client, and making the purchase means that the Client understands and accepts present Conditions. 

4. Shop reserves the rights to make changes in the present Conditions, notifying Clients in News Section of the Site.

5. All the Works are the property of the Shop and/or of the third parties which have appropriate agreements with the Shop.

6. Works can be used by the Client for personal purposes only by playing them on the equipment, belonging to Client. Copying and saving of the Works by a Client is allowed only on the devices that belong to the client.

7. A Client has no rights for Commercial usage of the Works, to make any changes in the Works, to distribute, re-sell Works or make any public performances of the Works.

8. Shop doesn't bear any responsibility for accuracy and correctness of the information of the Client provided in the Client’s registration form.

9. The Client has no rights to transfer to the third parties login and the password indicated in Client’s registration form.

10. The client cannot cancel or change the Order after its payment.

11. Payment of the Client’s Order is carried out by means of payment processing system including payments by means of bank cards. Authorization of payment transaction of each Client’s bank card is carried out by the bank of the Client.

11.a In case of successful payment of the order the Shop guarantees to the Client possibility of viewing of Products on-line and-or access  to downloading  of the files within 14 calendar days from the date of Order payment. If during the specified term the Client did not download files  the Client should send a claim by Email on the address .  In this claim is necessary to specify the reason  why the Client couldn't download  the files. In this case the alternative variant for downloading of the files will be offered the Client.  If within 14 from the date when the Client fully paid the order Shop didn’t receive the claim, it means that Client downloaded files successfully and no further claims will be accepted.

Attention: Money paid by Client for subscription and for downloaded files are not refundable.

The shop accepts claims only from those Clients who supplied correct contact information during the registration in the Shop.

              11.b In the case of payment transaction failure for any reason, the Client should or repeat Order payment, either change a method of payment, or cancel the order. If the Order payment will not be done for any reason within 10 working days from its issuing date  the Client should cancel the order or it can be cancelled automatically.

12. Shop doesn't bear any responsibility for the usage of Works by the Client with purposes different from the purposes provided in item 6 of these Conditions. If the Client violates terms of the Item 6 of these Conditions, all responsibility for possible infringement by the Client of the legislation or the rights of the third parties is attributed to the Client.

13. Shop doesn't bear any responsibility and doesn't accept any Client’s claims for the content, quality, reliability and practical applicability of Works which it gives to the Client in a condition «as they are».

14. Shop doesn't compensate the Client for any missed benefit.

15. Shop will use the personal information of the Client given by him/her at registration form for performance of its obligations to the Client only. This information is treated as confidential and Supplier guarantees not to transfer it to the third parties, except the cases assumed by the legislation of the Russian Federation.

16. Relations between the Shop and the Client are carried out according to the legislation of the Russian Federation.

17 In the case of disagreements between Shop and the Client, the parties will try to resolve them by peaceful negotiations. In the cases when it’ll not be possible to find peacefull solution for disagreements between parties they can be transferred to Moscow arbitration court.